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Traceability Made Easy

  • Overall, the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document that links requirements throughout the validation process.

  • So why is it important?

    • Ensures the right product is being built by the project team.

    • Delivers software that meets the requirements on time and within budget.

    • Ensures all requirements are defined and tested throughout the project.

    • Ensures the requirements and design are aligned with the business requirements.

  • So how is it done?

    • Requirements are created in RTD Manager

      • Collaborative effort between the systems engineer and customer/stakeholder until the features' needs/requirements are captured.

    • Development starts once the features' needs/requirements are approved.

    • Traceability is bi-directional to ensure the right product has been developed.​

System Requirements







System Requirements





  • So how does RTD Manager make traceability easy?​

    • Usability: Traceability is an easy-to-view table that quickly shows the relationship between requirements, designs, and test cases.

    • Productivity: Integrated error checking quickly identifies missing design or test items.

    • Simplicity: Quick links to the requirements, tests, and designs to modify or relate items.

    • Integration: Document your traceability results in our document creator.




  • Document Your Traceability

    • Now that you confirmed all requirements have been related to a test, design, and system component, its time to capture it in your technical documentation.

    • Insert the complete traceability into your technical documentation by easily selecting one, a few, or all of the following items as a group. 

      • Requirements into the SRS

      • Test cases into the STD

      • Design elements into the SDD

      • Traceability into the RTM.

    • Minimize mistakes, and increasesefficiency by ensuring compliance from the beginning. 

    • View all of the Document Creator functions by clicking here.

Yes, it's just that easy!


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