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Testing Made Easy

What is Hardware/Software Testing?

Testing is defined as an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure  the system is defect free. It involves execution of a component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest.


Bottom line, testing determines if the product was built correctly!

Why is Testing Important?

Product testing is required for effective performance of a software application or product. It's important to prevent increased cost and ensure there are zero failures in the later stages of development or in post-deployment.

So how does RTD Manager make it easier?

Let's face it, testing is essential to quality products. It's also most often sacrificed when approaching deadlines. With RTD Manager, testers are always aware of new requirements. This collaborative tool quickly shows which requirements have test cases and those that do not. RTD Manager guarantees testers will not sit idle or spend valuable time searching for those newly added requirements.

Our integrated Test Manager offers a well-guided process of developing test cases for the project requirements. When writing test cases, we know the importance of having the requirements available for quick reference to ensure the tests accurately verify the requirements. 

That's exactly what we did!

In RTD Manager, your test cases are tied to the requirements to guarantee traceability. Even your newest tester can nail this quality element of product development. 

Included is a feature allowing testers to:

  • Dry-run the test steps

  • Mark the individual steps as pass/fail

  • Provide comments [red lines] during testing

  • Export test results to a test report

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